Consultation in relation to laws such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law, and Corporate Law and regulations.


  • Consultation in relation to the interpretation and application of various laws and regulations.
  • Drafting Legal Opinion (LO) and Short Legal Opinion (SLO).
  • Drafting various kinds of legal documents (e.g., contract) and auditing document drafts.
  • Auditing existing legal documents.
  • Stationing our lawyers and/or other legal staff members at Client’s office.
  • Translating documents into Japanese or Indonesian.

Civil Affairs

  • Providing advice for various kinds of business troubles
  • Consultation in relation to purchase/sale of real estates, etc.
  • Consultation related to Family Law (Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Inheritance, etc.)

Criminal Affairs

  • Providing advice for fraud or blackmailing cases
  • Providing advice for starting criminal procedure as a suffer (with the submission of victim report)
  • Providing advice for the cases where the Clients is in danger of becoming suspect or in detention

Labor Affairs

  • Drafting/Auditing labor-related documents such as Company Regulations, Collective Labor Agreement, Employment Agreement and other related documents
  • Auditing to see whether there is any illegal factors in labor-related fields
  • Consultation in relation to labor dispute, assisting bilateral or trilateral negotiations.
  • Consultation in relation to labor union-related problems.

Corporate Affairs

  • Drafting/Auditing/Reviewing corporate-related documents such as the Article of Association.
  • Assisting preparations for and execution of general meetings of shareholders or the change of shareholders or management.
  • Consultation in relation to the establishment of a company
  • Providing assistance for merger, liquidation, takeover, etc.

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Preparing for Criminal lawsuits, Civil lawsuits, Labor lawsuits (industrial lawsuits), Commercial lawsuits and lawsuits of other fields.
  • Arbitrating/Intermediating in out-of-court settlements.

GLC has partnerships with several trusted local law firms and will sublet a part of tasks to provide aforementioned services to a proper law firm whenever it is required by the Law about Attorney.

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