Investigation into intra-company illegal conducts

  • Conducting financial investigation by certified public accountant and other financial experts.
  • Conducting information gathering by investigators (including undercover operations).
  • Conducting in-depth studies of discovered facts.
  • Providing advice in relation to the facts discovered in the investigations in accordance with related laws and regulations (including labor actions such as dismissal and punishment; criminal actions such as the submission of damage reports; and civil actions such as damage claims).
  • Providing assistance for evidence protection, substantiation, and other follow-up actions in accordance in relation to the above actions taken by the company.

Strengthening of Internal Control Mechanism

  • Assisting the drafting of various manual (SOPs) in view of preventing illegal acts within the company.
  • Auditing existing manuals (SOPs) and suggesting improved alternatives.
  • Conducting regular or irregular external auditing.
  • Stationing our expert staff at Client’s office.
  • Training client’s internal auditor.

Assisting Daily Management of Company

  • Assist daily management of the company in case foreign Client is unable to post staff from the headquarters or the staff sent from the Headquarters requires support.
  • Assist the partial moving of business operation in Japan to Indonesia.
  • Consultation on investment from Indonesia to Japan.

Due Diligence, Investigations

  • Conducting undercover investigations into various kinds of troubles.
  • Investigating the circulation of counterfeit articles and the selling agencies of those articles.
  • Investigating client’s potential business partners.
  • Conducting employee integrity screening.

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